Moving Forward...

Birthright will be a Minecraft 1.9 Roleplay server at launch. We are set on providing a fair and enjoyable experience for all players of Birthright, and all that will be required to play is a creative mindset and your very own character!

Currently, Birthright is in Alpha and is not available to play. For more information about early access to Birthright, please visit our forums.

We aim to create a long-lasting community driven environment for you and your friends to complete new content, explore new lands and discover new lore within. For continued updates on our development, please consider following us on YouTube or join us on our community forums!


Birthright allows for you to assume the role of any character you can think up. Our rich backstory and lore allows for you to build your own character and adventure with your friends, raise an army at your will, or politically plot to take control of the realm. The possibility is endless.

If content is key, Birthright can deliver! The world is teeming with new towns to travel to, new ruins and lore driven areas to explore and freshly added content to revisit each time you log on.

With Minecraft's 1.9 features and capabiltiies, Birthright is able to have endless amounts of items, weapons, and tools. Each with it's own custom textures, allowing players to distinguish what type of items they have.

Crafting is the backbone of Minecraft, Professions is the backbone of Birthright, and we’re not leaving it behind! Birthright provides a unique crafting system built on the core design of Minecraft, with more recipes and crafting skills to level.